Dental Resins
Dental Model




An accurate material for dental modelmaking and clear aligner production.

Dental Model Resin was developed specifically to meet the high-precision, accuracy, and throughput requirements of dental professionals. Print-removable dies with crisp margins and contacts within ±35 microns.

Dental SG



An autoclavable, biocompatible material for 3D printing surgical guides.

Tried and tested by thousands of dental professionals, Dental SG Resin is an autoclavable, Class 1 biocompatible resin, designed for 3D printing precise surgical guides to help dentists guarantee accurate implant placement.

Dental LT


Clear Resin

A long-term clear biocompatible material for splints and occlusal guards.

Manufacture affordable, high-quality occlusal splints in-house with Dental LT Clear Resin. A Class IIa long-term biocompatible resin with high resistance to fracture, this clear material polishes to high optical transparency for a finished appliance you’ll be proud to deliver.



Wax Resin

A highly accurate material for casting and pressing crowns, bridges, and RPDs.

Tested at length by dental technicians, Castable Wax Resin provides accurate, sealed margins and contains 20% wax for reliable casting with clean burnout. Printed patterns are strong enough to handle with no post cure required, allowing for a faster, simpler workflow.



Resins for Prototypes and Models


With a matte surface finish, opaque appearance, and precise details, Black, White, and Grey Resins are ready to use right off the printer. Their neutral undertone also makes a great base for parts that will eventually be painted or undergo other finishing processes.


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