Engineering Resins
Engineering Resins
Resin for Rugged Prototyping


Tough Resin balances strength and compliance, making it the ideal choice for prototyping strong, functional parts and assemblies that will undergo brief periods of stress or strain.


Tough Resin is ideal for:

  • Sturdy prototypes

  • Interference and press fits

  • Assemblies

Grey Pro 


Resin for Versatile Prototyping


Grey Pro Resin offers high precision, moderate elongation, and low creep. This material is great for concept modelling and functional prototyping, especially for parts that will be handled repeatedly.


Grey Pro Resin is ideal for:

  • Form and fit testing

  • Injection-moulded product prototypes

  • Mold masters for plastics, silicones, and more

  • Jigs and fixtures for manufacturing


Resin for Stiffness and Precision


Rigid Resin is reinforced with glass to offer very high stiffness and a polished finish. This material is highly resistant to deformation over time and is great for printing thin walls and features.


Rigid Resin is ideal for:

  • Turbines and fan blades

  • Jigs, fixtures, and tooling

  • Manifolds

  • Electrical casings and automotive housings



Resin for Low Friction and Wear

With low modulus, high elongation, and high-impact strength, Durable Resin produces parts with a smooth, glossy finish and high resistance to deformation. Use this material for applications requiring minimal friction.


Durable Resin is ideal for:

  • Consumer packaging

  • Bushings and bearings

  • Snap fits and flexures

  • Living hinges



Resin for Soft Flexible Parts

Soft-Engineering Resin, this 50A Shore Durometer material is suitable for prototyping parts normally produced with silicone. Choose Elastic Resin for parts that will bend, stretch, compress, and hold up to repeated cycles without tearing.


Elastic Resin is ideal for:

  • Wearables and consumer goods prototyping

  • Medical models and devices

  • Compliant features for robotics

  • Special effects props and models



Resin for Hard Flexible Parts


An 80A Shore Durometer material for more rigid, flexible parts with a matte-black soft-touch finish. Choose Flexible Resin to create ergonomic features as part of larger assemblies.


Flexible Resin is ideal for:

  • Cushioning and damping

  • Wearables and consumer goods prototyping

  • Handles, grips, and overmoulds

High Temp


Resin for High-Thermal Stability


High Temp Resin offers a heat deflection temperature (HDT) of 238 °C @ 0.45 MPa, the highest among our  resins. Use it to print detailed, precise prototypes with high-temperature resistance.

High Temp Resin is ideal for:

  • Hot air, gas, and fluid flow

  • Heat-resistant mounts, housings, and fixtures

  • Moulds and inserts



Resin for Advanced Applications


Ceramic Resin is a silica-filled photopolymer. After firing, the photopolymer network burns out to form a true ceramic part. Fired parts have unique properties that can be leveraged for applications where fired-part accuracy is not critical..


Ceramic Resin is ideal for:

  • High-temperature resistance (up to 1000 °C)

  • High-thermal and electrical insulation

  • High resistance to corrosion and wear

  • Chemical inertness