Who We Are

Andrew Mentis (Pty) Ltd was first formed in 1950 as a precision engineering works and subsequently went into the development and manufacture of steel grating.  In 1959 Gripweld grating was produced in South Africa by Andrew Mentis, followed by the unique Rectagrid grating in 1967.  Through continual research and development, Andrew Mentis (Pty) Ltd has become a leading manufacturer of grating.


The company has been successful in gaining a share in overseas markets and locally has supplied vast quantities of quality products to all of the major industries including power generation, mining, petrochemical, motor, construction, food, paper and steel. The company offers expanded metal, Mentrail (guard rails for roads), industrial handrail systems, steel floor tiles and, in addition to grating, Mendrill (automatic drilling and boring machines).  These products can all be obtained from the company's global branches.


In 2019, Mentis Additive Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd t/a Mentis 3D was established as a subsidiary of the Mentis Group. It was created with a clear goal: to become the biggest additive manufacturing service provider in Africa with its unique manufacturing-as-a-service platform.