Additive Manufacturing as a Service.

Design / Scan / Print / Post-production

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• 2 stainless steels available now - 316L and 17-4PH
• Range of additional metal powders will be available soon.

For more information, please contact Oliver Mentis at ol***********@me****.com or

Wayne Van Staden at wa*************@me****.com.

Mentis 3D is the first real manufacturing-as-a-service company and additive manufacturer print farm in Africa. We offer a fast, affordable and reliable manufacturing service to our clients for parts made out of various materials. Our online platform enables our customers to obtain an instant quote, place the order and then schedule the delivery. We deliver orders nationwide.

The experience, qualifications and unique skillsets of the management team brings unrivalled technical expertise to our business offering.

We are HP’s only 3D printing partner on the African continent, with 3 HP MJF machines now in operation. We have the technology to deliver cost-effective and large-scale production runs, offering clients a fast, affordable and reliable 3D printing manufacturing service

Mentis 3D is Africa’s first and only ISO9001:2015 accredited 3D printing facility.


Brake Calliper
  • Reduction in CARBON FOOTPRINT and improved environmental sustainability

  • Counters the impacts of disrupted global supply chains - a local solution with fast turnaround times

  • Parts available just-in-time enabling a true digital inventory


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