3D Design

Let our team of professional designers and engineers help you to bring your project and idea to life by designing for additive manufacturing and production.

3D Scan

We offer 3D scanning services to scan any object, or broken part or component.

3D Print

Durable, detailed fully strong details, fully functional protypes and end use production parts.

HP Multi Jet Fusion technology prints each layer of new material and agents on top of a previous layer that is still molten – so that both layers fuse completely – delivering strong, quality, detailed, and functional 3D printed parts.

Post Production / Finishing

  • Standard grey print
  • Offer dye black
  • Hydro dipping and painted parts
  • Hydro chrome dipping and various graphics

Advantages of Additive Manufacturing

  • Improve performance and reduce cost
  • Limitless flexibility
  • Minimal design limitations
  • 100% recyclable
  • Mitigating exposure to global supply chains
  • Just-in-time localised manufacturing
  • Reduce stock holding and therefore maximise profitability
  • More sustainable and environmentally friendly